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Birthdate:Oct 23
Location:California, United States of America

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50's music, 80's music, 90's television, accordion music, altruism, antiques, art, autumn, awkward silences, bad poetry, bathing, baths, black velvet, blocky straight white teeth, buddy holly, burger king kids club, burrito king donkey, california, california nationalism, ceres, come all over me!, common fairies, cryptozoology, disneyland, drama club, eastern european folk music, embarrassing photos, empathy, epic lulz, fat kid doing macarena, fhqwhgads, flamingos, folk music, folklore, footbridges, forgiveness, franz ferdinand, fruit juice, gay rights, getting free shit, getting lots of sex, good smells, halloween, happiness, harold and maude, harry potter, hookah, human rights, human sexuality, ill mitch, imaginary boyfriends, imagination, indie, j.m. barrie, kindness, kommt alle über mich, legend tripping, letters from mysterious senders, lost, love, male feminists, meaningful starlit conversations, mermaids, mighty morphin power rangers, modesto, monsters, mony cash dollers, movies, my "beat it" shirt, nostalgic lulz, not being a hipster, o.g. nintendo, obnoxious birds, old school nickelodeon, optimism, organ music, patience, peace, peacocks, pete & pete, peter pan, piercings, pirates, pizza, project california, rainbows, ray bradbury, reading, ridiculous dreams, road trips, rocky horror picture show, rod roddy, running from danny toast™, san francisco, santa cruz, santa cruz beach boardwalk, seacliff state beach, seahorses, sex, shoreline who concert, shuffle of defiance!, sleep, smelling good, smoothies, snooping, south park, stars, stealing icons, steve urkel, stories, summertime, swimming, talk shows, teeter totters, teh giant dipper!!, ten-minute acid trips, the 50's, the 80's, the 90's, the beach, the desert, the drive-in ocean, the gates of hell™, the moon, the possibility of teleportation, the price is right, the romantic period, the start of something, the warm california sun, the who, time travel, travel, uc santa cruz, ukeleles, unconditional love for mankind, unforgettable experiences, venus, violent femmes, voyeuristic intentions, watching people fall, weasley twins, werewolves with funny hands, william hung, wint-o-green lifesavers, writing,
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